In my humble opinion, this is a HUGE… MASSIVE missing link in most recovery programs! I remember when I was first creating some holistic recovery workshops I taught at my local community recovery center, and I brought up the question “what is your Vision for yourself?” – and the blank stares I got back from the room full of people genuinely shocked me.

I didn’t know so few people had a vision for their lives… it made me sad for them.

It also gave me a big heads up that this could be an important piece of the puzzle in getting FREE from the bondage of alcohol over us. So, I have made developing “Your Vision” a big part of this course. This is Part 1, and we’ll keep revisiting and refining it as we move forward through the 40 days.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)

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TOSOTB Three Questions Life Goal


This course is NOT a substitute for professional healthcare advice or treatment. Also, when this course was originally filmed, I was offering a weekly Live Session via Zoom. Sometimes the video or the homework might mention the Live Session, however, I am no longer able to host them. So please remember that even though this Lesson might mention a Live session, it is no longer part of this course. Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for this annoying popup. Click ESC or click outside this box to close this alert.

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