Oh noooooo….. journaling? Ugh. I can hear the grumbling all the way from here. But yes, you are going to buy a journal and use it daily from now on in this “Other Side of the Bottle” course (or you can use one of the pdf journals I’ve created for you here in this lesson). I’m going to give you an option though on what you write in it. But let’s back up a bit first because I have two options for you. Here’s the first…

Are you a cranky sober person? I hope not, since we went over the ABC technique on Day 10 to try to help you get a handle on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. But in case you are still struggling during these first days of being alcohol-free, let’s start a new, daily practice of gratitude. Yes, this is similar to what so many other Personal Development and Spiritual Gurus all teach… but it really is helpful for you to snap out of the inherent selfishness that comes with abusing alcohol chronically.

Option 1: Gratitude Journal for the Cranky, Negative Sober Person

For the cranky/moody or negative newly sober person, I prescribe writing 3 things you’re grateful for, per day, in your journal…. but always something you haven’t mentioned before. No repeats, and be specific!

An Alternative to the Gratitude Journal…

Now here’s the 2nd option – maybe you’re not cranky…. maybe you’re actually really down on yourself and depressed. I think the gratitude journal works better for the person who is cranky/mad at the world, or who feels a bit entitled.

But many people who want to get sober feel so down on themselves and depressed that their moodiness comes from an entirely different place of feeling unworthy. I find especially that many female alcohol abusers are very down on themselves, and they need to find a way to love themselves back to healthy emotions. Of course, there are many men who feel that way too. I’m just mentioning it because if you have any experience with AA’s Big Book, there is a lot of talk about grandiosity from Bill W. Grandiosity was not my problem at all, nor was it a predominant problem I saw in other females, or what I would call yin-dominant personality types (male or female). Self loathing and unworthiness were the “achilles heel” for them. And so I have an entirely different style of journal recommendation for people struggling with that. Here it is:

Option 2: “What I Love About Me” Journal for the Depressed Sober Person

You are going to start a journal called “What I Love About Me.” And every day, you’re going to write in it 3 things your love about yourself…. again, the challenge will be to make them completely different every single day. It can be a simple as “I love the shape of my nose’s profile” to something deeper like “I love I care so much about the environment that I will pick up litter that isn’t even mine.” No repeats, and be specific!

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)


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