Before I being the content of this particular Day’s lesson, I want to preface everything by saying I am not a doctor. I only have a certification in holistic nutrition. The health recommendations I make here are for informational use only and should be carefully considered by you. All responsibility regarding the use of the over-the-counter supplements I recommend in the text and in the videos rests with you. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your doctor.

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There is a high likelihood that you signed up for this course during a time of crisis, hangover or comedown…

…and I want you to have access to something that can help you “immediately” if you are coming off alcohol right now.

If you have been drinking regularly, or if you just came off a binge, you’re probably going to be in a lot of pain (or at very least, discomfort) in the beginning.

Most people complain of stomach upset (throwing up, upper GI gas, distended stomach [extreme bloating], acid stomach, inability to digest), body aches, sweating, alternating between hot and cold chills, shakiness, “vibrating on the inside”, being scatterbrained, emotionally ping-ponging all over the place, depressed, having headaches, and trouble sleeping.

In today’s lesson, there is a list of over-the-counter supplements I will be recommending for this discomfort that will at least help you through the physically challenging part of stopping drinking. I will also tell you what you can expect from a hospital if you opt to go in to an ER to come down instead.

* * *

NOTE: Some people need a formal detox! A detox facility that takes you as a patient for 1-2 weeks and helps you withdrawal under supervision and usually also with medication. Only you and/or your doctor know if you need that. If you do need a formal detox, skip this lesson. This lesson is meant for those of you who are able-to and planning-to detox on their own.

* * *

I know from personal experience that when you’re in the pain of withdrawal, one of the only things that helps you feel better is “hair of the dog” – meaning, drinking more alcohol. You might even have to, because it’s actually dangerous to come off large quantities of alcohol cold-turkey. But if you don’t *have to* do that, we don’t want you to do that, because it is way too easy just to get re-drunk and start the process all over again. So this session is all about getting you THROUGH the discomfort of the first few days so you can move forward with your plan to get to the other side of the bottle.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video) NOTE: this 2nd video is also quite long. I try to make the rest of the videos in the program much shorter (and more tolerable) between 10-15 mins max, but these first days’ videos had a TON of information I had to share, so brace yourself. It’s about 25 mins long. Packed with good information though. If you can’t watch it all, be sure to read the recommendations below thoroughly.

* * *

Here is a quick list of the supplements I recommend, in case the video goes too quickly for you:


GNC brand’s “Super Digestive Enzymes” (it’s important to get more than just papain and bromelain. There are a myriad of enzymes to digest fats, carbs, and proteins, so this particular supplement I recommend has a full-spectrum including Betaine HCL. Be careful if you have an ulcer though. The Betaine HCL may aggravate it. You don’t want to take this on an empty stomach either.)


Antacids like Prilosec, Tagamet, Rolaids, etc. (try to get the extra-strength ones because the chewables are too weak, in my opinion. The throwing up and nausea stems frequently from too much acid in the stomach.)

Pepto-Bismol (even though this has never helped me much with the nausea, it does coat the esophagus a bit, so that the throwing up doesn’t make you so raw in the throat area).

Coconut Oil (this doesn’t necessarily help with the throwing up, but it definitely is a healthier way to coat your esophagus and your stomach so you don’t feel as raw and burning. Coconut oil also helps to get some calories into you in a soothing way. You need calories to come back from the weakness of an alcohol binge.


Phazyme or Gas-X (read the recommended dose. I have found that if I have too many of these, I may experience a little dizziness)


B-Complex (this is VERY important. Alcohol depletes the body of thiamine, which is essential for the nerves and muscles. In fact, thiamine-depletion often makes you feel like you’re depressed or have anxiety, and it can make you crave sugar too. Get it into your system fast and keep taking it. My favorite brand is Garden of Life, RAW B-Complex, which you can take on an empty stomach. If you can’t get that brand, try to find New Chapter or “Alive!” brand. Other cheaper brands of B-Complex are made from coal-tar and they have a strong smell and tend to make you queasy when you take them on an empty stomach. That’s why I highly recommend Garden of Life brand.

Multi Vitamin (again, this is just so your body can recover quickly. If you were to go to the ER after a drinking binge, one of the first things they do is hook you up to an IV for fluids, electrolytes and vitamins. They call it a banana-bag. If you are coming off a binge on your own, pump yourself with vitamins as well for a faster recovery.


Gatorade and other electrolyte drinks

Sugar/Salt Water (this is a trick from the Philippines where you take water and put a generous amount of sugar and salt into it. You have to keep stirring so that it doesn’t just settle to the bottom. Drink this to help get re-hydrated. If you have trouble with taking salt or if you’re diabetic, of course use wisdom in whether you use this trick or not.)


As soon as you can, start to eat. Even if it’s a very small amount. But be careful to try to eat from the following recommended foods for best results.

  • Eggs – no salt or seasoning. Just plain.
  • Broth – no extra seasoning. Just plain. I used to get hard bread and dip it in hot chicken broth. That was helpful
  • Hard Bread – like french or sourdough baguettes. This is to help counteract the acid-stomach too.
  • Butter – similar to coconut oil in that it also helps to coat your esophagus and stomach, which will be raw from the alcohol, the acid, and throwing up
  • Ice Cream – a bland flavor like vanilla is best. It helps cool down the acidy upset in your stomach.
  • Crackers – sometimes my stomach was so raw that I literally could only eat the corner of one saltine cracker and try to hold that down for 30 minutes. So start small and work your way up to eating more normally as you begin to feel better.


Sleep is usually difficult when you’re coming down off an alcohol bender. Here are some over-the-counter helps:

Hyland brand “Calms” or “Calms Forte” (a chewable homeopathic supplement. These are great to use whenever you have trouble sleeping. They even help with anxiety. If I have extreme anxiety, I will take 5 of these.)

Melatonin (this is a great supplement, but you have to find a good brand. I don’t know of a superior brand out right now, but I do recommend sublingual lozenges for better absorption. You also don’t want to take this on a regular basis because then your body will stop producing as much of its own. So only take this as needed).

I don’t like to recommend anything else for sleep after an alcohol binge because at that point, your liver and kidneys are working overtime to detox your body. The last thing you want to give them is another substance it has to detox from. So I personally do not recommend any aspirin, ibuprophen, aleve, tylenol or OTC sleep aids because of the extra chemicals.

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