Changing Your State

Today, we are going to work on “Changing your State.” I’m not talking about “Stages of Change”… that’s something altogether different, but it is a similar name. Changing Your State has to do with when you’re in a bad state of mind, how you can snap out of it without picking up alcohol or doing other maladaptive behaviors like overeating, or eating too much sugar. Let’s brainstorm together a way that you can trigger your entire self – mind, body and spirit – to snap out of a negative state and into a positive one at any time of the day or night. You can use this tool any time you need it. I often use it when I’m frustrated with my work, or if I’m depressed about finances or relationships. Frustration and depression don’t help you much to solve anything, but Changing Your State will get you in the right frame of mind/body/spirit to tackle the challenges that are in front of you.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)

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“Change Your State” Worksheet


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