We discussed lapse and relapse before, and the nuance between them.

And back in the very beginning of this Course (on Day 4), I gave you some encouragement in case you did find yourself in a situation where you drank again. I want to discuss this topic again though, because there’s a crucial moment after a lapse where you make a decision whether to get back on track, or you decide to keep going back to old behaviors. Once you “open the door” to slipping, it gets easier and easier to do so, and that repetition of it is when it becomes a relapse and a lifestyle.

I mentioned early on in this course that I hadn’t been perfect with double-digit-years continuous sober time. In other words, I have less than 10 years. But something has definitely changed for me: for any of the slips I have had, I never have gone back to alcohol’s bondage. There is something that has happened with me that is a miracle, and I credit it to God as well as all these techniques I’m teaching you.

You see, I used to feel like I had iron handcuffs on… not fancy modern handcuffs, but old irons and chains on my wrists and ankles and around my neck, dragged around by a ring through my nose, leading me always back to alcohol’s poison. I am not in those chains anymore. I’ve been freed. The vast majority of time, I feel completely indifferent to alcohol and feel no lure to it, and don’t miss it one iota. It was a cheap whore at $8 per night to get me drunk and leave me with nothing but bitter regret. I broke up with it.

THAT’s the difference now, with this “The Other Side of the Bottle” thing, at least for me.

I want the same for you. So that’s why I want to talk about Lapse vs. Relapse again, and help you come up with your Plan Z: the Plan you have to do when you have to begin your 55th “Day One” of sobriety all over again.

This kind of struggle we go through with alcohol is a WAR. And a war is comprised of many battles. You may lose a battle, but go on to win the war. That’s what we want, and we’ll talk about that in today’s lesson.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)

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