Cravings and the DDD

This day has one of my all-time favorite practical methods for handling cravings and urges – the DDD list, which is short for “Delay, Divert, Distract.”

Let’s face it, early on in the recovery process, you will be experiencing cravings and urges. Some people experience them more than others. My first 30 days didn’t have many, but my 2nd 30 days sure did. I am sure at some point, you will have them too, and you need to be ready with a plan of action to get through it.

Cravings tend to come in waves or phases.

You may never get them, or you may struggle with them forever… everyone is different. It doesn’t matter if you have 14 days or 14 years, cravings can be a nagging recurrent phenomenon for us who have loved alcohol before and abused it. It’s like the ex you keep going back to.

A New Weapon to Fight Cravings

Today, the homework assignment is a new weapon to fight cravings – the “DDD”. If you really apply yourself to creating your DDD list, and couple it with the “Push/Pull” homework I had you do on Day 1, you will have two very powerful weapons in your arsenal ready for the next time you have to battle a craving for alcohol. These weapons will help you move forward toward living free long term, and breakup with your bad “ex” lover, liquor, once and for all. Kamchatka was a cheap whore anyway… you don’t need it.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)

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Cravings Weapon – Delay, Divert, Distract (the DDD)


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