Your senses (particularly your eyes and ears) are the gateways by which information comes to you.

That information feeds your thoughts, which becomes your mindset. I guarantee you, if you listen to the news all day, you’re going to get in an angry funk or depressed. If you watch stressed-out legal & medical dramas, you’re going to experience stress that isn’t even real… it’s theatre. There comes a time when you have to exercise authority over what you allow your own eyes to see and ears to hear and judge the quantities of those things as well (eg: you do need to listen to the news sometimes).

Bottomline, if you want good to come out of you, you have to put good stuff into you first. Today, I will discuss how to guard your “gateways” in addition to filling yourself up with good stuff so that your mindset will stay on a more positive path; keeping with your vision.

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