Today and tomorrow are tandem lessons that are part of a grand Goal Workshop to help you actualize the Vision you’re creating for your new life.

This is Big! 🙂

We’re going to hone in on some macro-goals and then fine-tune them and prioritize them, so that by the time this Course ends, you will have a clear map toward the Vision you’re creating for yourself. Picture it this way: the Vision is your destination, but your Goal Workshops are where we create the roadmap to get there.

There is no review this week. So please do send any questions you have for Day 35’s LIVE session to and I’ll see you then.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)

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Goal Workshop, Part 1


This course is NOT a substitute for professional healthcare advice or treatment. Also, when this course was originally filmed, I was offering a weekly Live Session via Zoom. Sometimes the video or the homework might mention the Live Session, however, I am no longer able to host them. So please remember that even though this Lesson might mention a Live session, it is no longer part of this course. Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for this annoying popup. Click ESC or click outside this box to close this alert.

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