During this session, we’re going to take a look at the balance in your life.

Maintaining balance in your life is going to be crucial for staying alcohol-free. When you get out of balance – too much stress, too many obligations, not enough down-time, etc, you create “openings” for cravings and urges to seep in, even if you have been doing well for a long time.

You can’t afford to get complacent when you have an alcohol-abusing past!!!

Self-care and awareness of where you’re burning the candle at both ends will be super important for you, and this technique will help you look at the big picture to identify weak and strong areas of balance and imbalance and show what you need to consider adjusting.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)

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“Live in Balance” Worksheet


This course is NOT a substitute for professional healthcare advice or treatment. Also, when this course was originally filmed, I was offering a weekly Live Session via Zoom. Sometimes the video or the homework might mention the Live Session, however, I am no longer able to host them. So please remember that even though this Lesson might mention a Live session, it is no longer part of this course. Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for this annoying popup. Click ESC or click outside this box to close this alert.

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