What is a weak situation for you….?

  • A family get-together?
  • BBQ’ing on a Sunday?
  • Going out to a nice restaurant with a new date?
  • Having a tremendously stressful week and then your kids send you over the edge?
  • Your spouse? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Ex?
  • What are you going to say at a party when someone asks you why you’re not drinking?
  • Should you share your personal struggles with coworkers or not?
  • If you used to love going to bars to listen to live music and dance and such, how in the world do you do that now, sober?

In today’s session, we’re going to go over some practical ideas to these types of situations, because they happen constantly. We need a way to navigate through them with ease, and even find new ways to have fun without the liquid courage.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)

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“New Ways to Have Fun” Brainstorm


This course is NOT a substitute for professional healthcare advice or treatment. Also, when this course was originally filmed, I was offering a weekly Live Session via Zoom. Sometimes the video or the homework might mention the Live Session, however, I am no longer able to host them. So please remember that even though this Lesson might mention a Live session, it is no longer part of this course. Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for this annoying popup. Click ESC or click outside this box to close this alert.

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