“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Many people fail in their attempts to get free from the bondage of alcohol because they just don’t have a plan. They might go the traditional route (12 step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or secular meetings like SMART Recovery), but they still don’t have a “plan of action” in place, such as…

  • #1 » I’m going to see a doctor about tapering down safely.
  • #2 » I’m going to get the supplements mentioned from Day 2 that help with the pain and getting normalized again.
  • #3 » I’m going to do this “The Other Side of the Bottle” 40 day course daily… I’m actually going to work it and do what it says.
  • #4 » I’m going to “add to” my life instead of just take away something I loved (alcohol). I’m going to “add to” by picking a hobby, or instituting a movie-night reward, or get a foot massage every week, or plan with my spouse a means to be kid-free for at least 1 night per week, or walk by the lake by myself for 45 minutes a day

…you get the picture.

Today, we’re going to work on your POA “Plan of Action”, so that you have a target to shoot for. Most people go “Ready – SHOOT – Aim” when it should be “Ready – Aim – SHOOT!” You have to have a target to aim for, and that’s what we will work on in today’s session.

So let’s get started… (Watch the Video)

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TOSOTB Plan of Action


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