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Want to Quit Drinking on your own, without AA Meetings?

If you want to quit alcohol or at least reduce harm, and are seeking alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous, our online course offers a path forward.

Reclaim your life today with “The Other Side of the Bottle” online course.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • When you wake up in the morning, do you dread remembering what you said (or did) the night before?
  • Is your head pounding?
  • Are your loved ones angry with you?
  • Are you worried that maybe your drinking is getting out of control?

If these questions above sound familiar, then I want to help you… because I’ve been there and I know how bad it can be. I created a course called “The Other Side of the Bottle” which is a private, DIY online course to help you quit drinking and reclaim your life. Watch this overview video below to see if the course is a good fit for you:

NOTE: This online school used to be called “Holistic Recovery Buddy.” The name has changed to “Quit Like a Winner.”

Want to Quit Drinking but You Don’t Know How To? I Want to Help.

I created “The Other Side of the Bottle” course on as a DIY journey to help you quit drinking (or reduce harm) and start to reclaim your life again. I created it specifically because, when I was desperately trying to quit alcohol myself, I could never find a program or treatment center that addressed my whole person… my thoughts, my emotions, my body and my soul. I know finding a course like this during my own struggles with quitting alcohol would have helped me immensely if it was available. Sadly, it wasn’t… I didn’t want anyone else to have that same problem, so creating this course was my way to turn my personal “mess” into a “Message of Hope” for you.

I will rewind a bit. During all my struggles with quitting alcohol, I desperately wanted a program or plan of action that would help me fight my cravings, handle triggering situations better, get my stress levels under control, and get my health back in gear. I wanted something that helped to tame my racing thoughts, and give me ideas of what to do with myself when I don’t have the option of a drink in my hand. I wanted a plan of action… I didn’t just want to sit in a chair at AA meetings awaiting my turn to dump my latest drama during the share time.

I wanted something that took the focus away from my past so I could actually design my future without alcohol – a life that I loved. A life that was attractive enough to make me want to stay “stopped” after all the pain of the last binge faded away. I didn’t want anyone to label me or force me to believe their program was the “only way” to quit drinking. I wanted an option that didn’t berate me if I failed to be perfect… or make me start over again as a newcomer if I went from having “6 months sober” to impulsively taking a drink one night.

In short, the “program” I wanted didn’t exist back in the day. I tried the ones that did, and although each helped in its own way, none addressed my whole problem. Alcohol affected my WHOLE self. EVERY facet of my life. So I needed a WHOLE approach to recovery – thoughts, emotions, body & soul – to give me a fighting chance in my battle with alcohol abuse. And now I invite you to journey with me to “The Other Side of the Bottle.” I hope this course gives you that fighting chance too.

Why This Course?   |    What You Get    |    Jump to FAQs    |    My Story    |    Pricing Plans

guy passed out who should quit drinking

Why Is This Course So Special?

  • I’ve “been there, done that,” so I know how it is first-hand to quit alcohol. I have the experience to walk through it with you. Although I didn’t study it formally in school and get a diploma on my wall, I lived it. This course lessons reflect all that real-world experience I bring to the table, as well as the experience I have from facilitating recovery groups.
  • I will be on the recovery journey WITH you. During the course, you can email me your questions or to discuss your challenges and I’ll do my best to share with you what helped me if it can relate to your situation.
  • I will share everything I know that helped me along the way. And note: the things that helped me most were not the AA meetings where I was sitting in a chair or even getting a sponsor. It was a lot of other stuff that made the biggest impact for me, like CBT techniques and life coping skills. Maybe that’s what’s been a missing link for you too.
  • You will have assignments to DO, not just passively watch a video or reading the lesson. I’m not just going to be talking *at* you, sharing recovery tips. You will be given things you can DO tangibly, measurably, to battle cravings and help reclaim your life.
  • You will create a vision for the NEW YOU. This is what sets us apart. So many recovery programs leave this out. Why bother getting sober if you don’t really like your life? We will come against that problem by crafting a new vision for your life. Most of us forget who we are deep down inside… its been obscured so long by the bottle, it’s easy to forget your old dreams and hopes. I will help you set new goals, discover new hobbies, and create a new vision for yourself that will make being sober attractive, not dull and boring.
  • The course is private! One of the problems with face-to-face meetings is privacy. And let’s face it – a lot of support meetings have creepy, court-mandated, and even dangerous people who attend. There will be no fear of creepy people making you feel unsafe in this course. No one following you home or lurking in the parking lot to talk to you.
  • You keep your dignity intact! Sometimes other programs, without intending to, can trample on your dignity by perpetuating insulting sayings like “your best thinking got you here” or “suit up, show up, sit down, and shut up.” There will be none of that debasing talk in this course. Part of getting better is believing that you’re worth it. I built this course because I already know YOU are worth it.

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female alcoholic unable to quit drinking in the alley

Why This Course?   |    What You Get    |    Jump to FAQs    |    My Story    |    Pricing Plans

What’s Included In This Course?
I’m Glad You Asked!

  • A video/written-lesson every day, 5 days per week for 40 “Days” (Sessions). These videos contain specific, practical instructions and tips for how to quit drinking long-term. Don’t be afraid of the 40 day thing – this course is done at your own pace, on your own schedule! NOTE: the 6th & 7th days are for your review, to let everything sink in and take a break…
  • Assignments and worksheets. This course isn’t just about talking “at” you. You will be active, not passive, in your own journey toward recovery.
  • You will learn proven cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to fight cravings. They will be your weapons in the battle against alcohol abuse.
  • It’s Private and Cost-Effective! You can do this course without checking into a rehab, spending several thousand dollars, or missing months of work & income (not to mention braving the questions from your coworkers that follow soon after your return.)
  • Easy Access: You can access the full course on your computer, tablet or even on your smartphone.
  • This course fits in with YOUR schedule. You don’t have to rush off to a meeting, or check in with your sponsor’s required “5pm daily call.” You don’t need to hire a babysitter, battle traffic, get permission from your boss to leave early – none of that. Do this on your time.
  • Keep Your Dignity: This course will remind you that you’re not helpless or hopeless. You will not be talked down to in this program either. I aim to celebrate all progress, any harm reduction, and encourage you back up after any fall. Some traditional recovery programs can make you feel defective or force you to label yourself. Not here. I agree with SMART Recovery®’s premise, that a label can actually be harmful to your ability to get better. This course ditches labels. Your alcohol abuse is a behavior. It is not WHO you are. Remember that, because you won’t get better if you don’t think you’re worth it. I hope this course will prove to you that you ARE worth it!
image of different devices that have the Quit Like A Winner 6 week sober series videos on them

What Do I Actually Teach?

“The Other Side of the Bottle” course has two versions – the MiniVersion (which is the first 4 days of the full course) and the full 40-Day Version, which I believe will give you the best potential for a positive outcome.

BUT – as a former alcohol abuser myself, I know how easy it is to quit a course like this, citing reasons like “it doesn’t work for me.” I did the exact same thing when I had signed myself up for an online recovery program that was heavily based on kundalini yoga and eastern spirituality (neither of which are enjoyable to me at all). As a result, it didn’t resonate with me and I quit… it was a good program for other people. Just not for me.

So, if you’re unsure at all whether this course is right for you, do the MINI version first. And, if it speaks to you, upgrade to the full 40 day course. Below are a list of the video lessons you will receive in this course:

Course Curriculum

Quit Like a Winner course curriculum for weeks 1-3
Quit Like a Winner course curriculum for weeks 4-6

Excerpts from Some Videos in the Course

Here is a sample of some of the videos from this course. For actual homework pdfs, you must either purchase the full course or sign up for the “MINI” version (which is the first 4 days):

NOTE: This online school used to be called “Holistic Recovery Buddy.” The name has changed to “Quit Like a Winner.”

So Are You Ready To Get Started?
Then Let Me Help You “Quit Like A Winner”!

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Why This Course?   |    What You Get    |    Jump to FAQs    |    My Story    |    Pricing Plans

sad lady in bar wondering how to quit drinking

Why This Course?   |    What You Get    |    Jump to FAQs    |    My Story    |    Pricing Plans

Hi, My Name Is Carine, And This Is My Story:

I’m the creator of “The Other Side of the Bottle” course to help you quit drinking. It is the 1st course under my online school called “Quit Like A Winner.” It used to be called “Holistic Recovery Buddy.” Don’t get confused if you see the old name of the school or website – You’re in the right place. They’re all the same thing. We just had kind of a clunky name change along the way. The more important thing is why this course even exists. So here is a bit of my story and how this course came to be:

Throughout my adult life, I have been in a war with alcohol. What started out as “fun” became crippling bondage for me, and very painful… both physically and emotionally.

I lost every partner, jeopardized family bonds, ruined business and coworker relationships, had a DUI + accident, black eyes from falling, and countless events I don’t remember because I did them in a blackout and only heard about them later.

Alcohol was my “lover,” my chief humiliator, and my achilles heel… and it had me in chains for nearly 30 years.

a person trying to quit drinking but they're chained to the bottle

Though I tried the traditional recovery methods like Alcoholics Anonymous, inpatient treatment, therapists, countless meetings, and working the steps with sponsors – the “one-size-fits-all” approach to recovery didn’t quite fit ME, and I wasn’t getting better. I had to find my own way, away from the “traditional” program paradigm out there. But that ended up being a good thing, because…

I was finally able to break free of alcohol abuse by crafting my own holistic approach to recovery.

 I took some helpful tools from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), techniques I had learned in my own mind/body/spirit studies, good tips I picked up from others along the way, and anything from the traditional programs that was good and effective – plus my own holistic nutritionist background helped a lot too.

I threw all those ingredients together, mixed in with a firm decision to leave behind the old and take hold of the vision for a “new me” …and now, by the grace of God, and I am living a MUCH happier life, FREE of the bondage to alcohol.

lady breaking free from alcohol abuse

Fast-forward a bit, and over time, I started to notice that the best way to stay alcohol-free myself was to help others, so I went through the training to become a facilitator for SMART Recovery meetings (SR fit me the best of all the programs out there. I am still an SR facilitator to this day).

BUT, there was still so much missing, that I decided to create and teach some holistic recovery workshops as well.

It was while teaching those workshops, that I noticed there was a HUGE need for a more holistic approach in recovery – meaning something that would address peoples’ mind, body and spirit… Recovery isn’t just about quitting drinking. It’s about rebuilding your life.

So, I crafted the course “The Other Side of the Bottle” in hopes that it could help you or others quit drinking too, and rebuild their lives.


Wanna Quit Like a Winner?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it doesn’t work for me?

I know how easy it is for those of us with substance abuse problems to quit before we’ve even gotten fully started. Therefore, I ask the following of you – if you’re just quitting the course because you want to continue drinking, or you’re not quite ready yet to break up with the bottle, just keep your access. Hang onto your login information. Go slowly; a lesson here and there. It’s scary to quit – I know. Sometimes it takes a while to wrap your head around the idea of saying goodbye to it.

BUT - if you SINCERELY feel you won’t get results with this course, or it’s not a good “fit” for you, please contact us within 10 days of purchase to get a full refund. I’m going to trust you to be honest in this situation. One of the things we need as alcohol “quitters” is micro-trust so we can build back belief in ourselves and trust from others. So please ask for a refund only if you truly believe the course is not a good fit for you and you won’t get anything out of it. I truly wish you the best in your search for something that will work for you though, because it’s hell to be stuck in the alcohol bondage.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as I am able to keep the company up online. The company is currently run by me alone, so I have to give a personal disclaimer that, for example, if I get sick someday and can no longer maintain it online, it will be taken down.

Why is the program so long? Aren’t rehabs and other treatment programs only 28-30 days?

First of all, this isn’t a rehab or a treatment program. This is an online COURSE. I make no claims to be a certified Sober Coach or licensed therapist. I’ve just been through a lifetime of alcohol abuse myself, and I’ve been able to get to the other side of the bottle and be happily sober now for a good chunk of time. I learned a lot in my journey, and I’m sharing it within the course because there’s no program or meeting out there that has a truly holistic approach, that I'm aware of.

Secondly, I know some scientific studies say that it only takes 21-28 days to establish a new habit. In my real-life experience though, I think it takes longer. My drinking habit was deeply etched, like “grooves” in my brain... like a rut. And like a bowling ball that veers off into the gutter, I always found my way back into the gutter until I had enough time, and stability to make my sober life my “new normal” and not feel so strange anymore. I think 40 days is a safer chunk of time.

Lastly, "40 days" is a bit of a symbolic number for me and for many others. Classically, the number 40 has always symbolized “transformation” – whether you hear of “40 days and nights of Noah’s Flood” or “40 years in the desert” with the story of Moses and the Exodus, or “40 days of fasting and prayer” in both the life of Jesus and in the modern era of Lent – 40 is a number packed with meaning. That is all very metaphysical, and I don’t expect you to understand it all or adhere to it all, but if you are the type of person who does, then you will understand why I purposely structured this as a 40 day course. At very least, even if it has no meaning to you, it has meaning to me, and we can leave it at that.

Is "quitting drinking" guaranteed with this Course?

No. As with any treatment, program or support group out there, any work with a therapist or in reading “Quit Lit” (books on how to get sober), success depends upon the person doing it. It’s an “inside job” – and it hinges on a variety of different factors unique to your situation, including willingness, decision, effort, mental health, the grit to get back in the saddle after a lapse, and others. I did my best in this course to set you up for success as much as I can.

When does the course start? I’m not sure I have time right now for this.

The course is on-demand, available 24/7. You can start the course immediately upon enrollment, or anytime thereafter. You can also repeat lessons as needed. I used to also offer Live Sessions via Zoom, but unfortunately, my schedule has become too busy. I have a job too (thankfully). Not just recovery work. So I adjusted the price for the course down accordingly, and now the course is comprised of the videos, text and worksheets only, with email access to me for questions.

What if I have questions about the Course?

Please contact me via the Contact Page

Are you a therapist? A coach? What are your qualifications?

I am not a therapist or a coach. “Quit Like A Winner” (this site and its courses) is not a “mutual support group” (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or SMARTRecovery®), it is not psychotherapy, counseling, nor is it a “treatment center.” My qualifications rest on my personal life experience of having been an alcohol abuser for the majority of 27 years, and my compounded, extensive efforts to climb out of that alcoholic hellhole. I do have a “Certification in Whole Foods Nutrition” (CCWFN, which is essentially a “holistic nutritionist” certification). I am also an author in the mind-body-spirit personal development genre (“SoulBiotics: 28 Days of Probiotics for your Soul”), and a trained facilitator for SMART Recovery© meetings. Other than that, I am an artist, musician, and entrepreneur. I bring my entire life experience to the table in this course.

Why are you charging for this? Shouldn't recovery be free?

Recovery is truly FREE. Meaning, you can literally find in-person or online meetings free, almost anywhere in the world, at any time, at least in English. You don’t have to pay for any program or buy “The Other Side of the Bottle” course at all. Free support is available everywhere.

BUT, many of us do yearn for alternatives to AA meetings, and that’s why these other options exist. Each of us is unique, and some of us fit one approach or method better than another. SMART Recovery has a really good motto… they say “discover the power of choice.” They like to point out to people that they have a choice in recovery… that one size does not fit all… that you don’t have to do 12 steps program if you don’t want to… or that if one technique works for you and the other one doesn’t, use the one that works.

It is my hope for you that you get better. So if “The Other Side of the Bottle” course fits you, I hope you do it. If it doesn’t, there are plenty of other choices out there for you and I hope you find a good one. I sincerely do. I don’t want you to suffer anymore. I know the pain and weight of it all.

Can I get a discount?

If you buy today, the full 40-Day Course is $100 off.

If you choose “Affirm” at checkout, you can also apply to pay it in 4 installments/0 interest.

If that’s still too expensive for you, choose the FREE Mini Course, so at least you can get started. In the Mini Course, I give you two of the BEST techniques I’ve ever learned to help you right away, as well as some tips on how to help your body recover quicker (it’s often painful to quit. I have hospital bills to prove it).

How much is the value of this course?

Well… I can tell you this. The online sobriety course I took myself, the one with the kundalini (not the one I created), was $997. And even though I did not appreciate the eastern spirituality aspect of it and the kundalini and the mandatory AA, I still got a lot out of it. Do I think it was worth it? Yes.

I’ve also had a therapist in the past who was $150 cash per session, and I ended up being able to afford about 10 sessions ($1,500). She specialized in EMDR for alcohol abuse. I went to her until my money ran out, and it ran out quickly, and she did not take insurance or credit cards...

“The Other Side of the Bottle” is currently only $149 for the full course. I would *definitely* call that “value.” It also took my lifetime to learn, and over a year-and-a-half to create the site and the course with all its videos, curriculum and homework. 

Say you were going to IOP and you had good insurance coverage. Typically, they require about a $30 co-pay for each session. If the sessions are 3x per week for 3 months, that is about 38 sessions @ $30 = $1,140. Again, lots more than the cost of my course.

Am I comparing myself to an IOP or therapist? NOOOO… please remember I am a layperson. My expertise comes from my “been there, done that, tried again, adjusted, succeeded” life history and not from any professional designation in the field of substance abuse.

Say you opted for inpatient. I don’t know what the situation is in the area where you live, or what insurance you have, but when I was looking for inpatient treatment back in 2005, I ran into rehab after rehab that did not take any insurance at all. It was all cash-pay, and almost all of them cost $30,000. I had a terrible time trying to find one that would take me. I finally did, and they accepted my insurance, but my co-pay was still $1,000, plus I had to take a full month off of work (loss of pay), and secure a house-sitter, a pet-sitter, and hope and pray I didn’t lose my job and career in the process.

Was that worth it for me? Looking back, I would have to say “no.” Especially since I was a binge drinker at the time, and the traditional 30 day concept was a good idea for daily drinkers, but bingers can go for long periods between their drinking episodes with big bounce-backs in between. My drinking problem was not addressed well by the traditional 30 day inpatient approach.

What is the value of my course to YOU? I will never know. I know what went in to creating it though, so I hope it helps you.

How do I sign up for this Course?

You have two choices!

Sign up for the full course here (at $100 OFF the full price)

If you are not sure and want to try it out first, sign up for the FREE Mini Course, which lasts 4 days: Click here for the MINI.

Why This Course?   |    What You Get    |    Jump to FAQs    |    My Story    |    Pricing Plans

It feels so good to get your life back.

Get to the other side of the bottle…
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There are two options available for you. The FULL Course is discounted today ($100 OFF). If you can’t afford the full price all at once, choose “Affirm” at checkout, which will allow you to apply to pay in 4 installments/0 interest.

If you are unsure of whether this course is a good fit for you, or you don’t have the funds to purchase the full course today, take our FREE Mini Course. It will get you started with the basic techniques you’ll need to *happily* quit alcohol. Click below to choose your option:

Sale on the The Other Side of the Bottle course. Only $149
Quit like a winner free trial course
Sale on the The Other Side of the Bottle course. Only $149
Quit like a winner free trial course

10 Day Money Back Guarantee

10 day satisfaction guaranteed

Not sure if it’s for you? No problem. When you purchase “The Other Side of the Bottle” full course, you have a completely risk free “try out” period for 10 days. So you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to like like it, or wonder whether it’s going to “fit” your needs.

Try the full course, risk-free for up to 10 days.

And, if you’re not happy with it, just contact us within 10 days for a no-hassle / no-quibble refund.

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