The Other Side of the Bottle – Full Course

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“The Other Side of the Bottle” is a private, DIY online course to help you quit drinking without AA meetings and reclaim your life. Choose “Affirm” at checkout if you’d like to split the payment into 4 installments/0 interest.

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“The Other Side of the Bottle” is a private, DIY online course to help you quit drinking without AA meetings and reclaim your life. It includes:

  • A video/written-lesson every day, 5 days per week for 40 Days. These videos contain specific, practical instructions and tips for how to quit drinking long-term. NOTE: the 6th and 7th days are for review. It's a lot of information and it's good to let it sink in…
  • Assignments and worksheets. This course isn’t just about talking “at” you. You will be active, not passive, in your own journey toward recovery.
  • You will learn proven cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to fight cravings. They will be your weapons in the battle against alcohol abuse.
  • It’s Private and Cost-Effective! You can do this course without checking into a rehab, spending several thousand dollars, or missing months of work & income (not to mention braving the questions from your coworkers that follow soon after your return.)
  • Easy Access: You can access the full course on your computer, tablet or even on your smartphone.
  • This course fits in with YOUR schedule. You don’t have to rush off to a meeting, or check in with your sponsor’s required “5pm daily call.” You don’t need to hire a babysitter, battle traffic, get permission from your boss to leave early – none of that. Do this on your time.
  • Keep Your Dignity: This course will remind you that you’re not helpless or hopeless. You will not be talked down to in this program either. I aim to celebrate all progress, any harm reduction, and encourage you back up after any fall. Some traditional recovery programs can make you feel defective or force you to label yourself. Not here. I agree with SMART Recovery®’s premise, that a label can actually be harmful to your ability to get better. This course ditches the label. Your alcohol abuse is a behavior. It is not WHO you are. Remember that, because you won’t get better if you don’t think you’re worth it. I hope this course will prove to you that you ARE worth it!

Although this course is designed to take within 40 days, you do not have to complete it within that timeframe. Do it at your own pace. Also VERY IMPORTANT, the course used to include Live Zoom Sessions on the 7th day. Life has its own plans, and I've been too busy to accommodate the zoom sessions. Therefore I reduced the price significantly, and the course no longer includes Live sessions. The videos or homework may still mention "live sessions" though. It is impossible to re-record all the videos to remove that mention. Be aware that in buying this product, there are NO LIVE ZOOM SESSIONS anymore and you are buying at a reduced price due to that factor.

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